Roel rocks it from
the IT Service Desk
to Sales

When Roel Buelens walks down the corridors or into the restaurant at DLL headquarters in Eindhoven, he knows almost everyone he meets. “I love that,” says Roel. “I was an IT Service Desk Officer here for more than 10 years. I spent the whole day helping people with their computers. You make a lot of friends in that job.” One of those people was a Team Lead in Sales. He recognized Roel’s talents and offered him a new position serving DLL customers.

A match made in Eindhoven

When you ask Roel what he likes about working at DLL, you get a short, straightforward answer. “Everything!” Roel had never heard of DLL back in 2008 when a friend tipped him to a job opening at the IT Help Desk. Roel applied. It was a match made in Eindhoven.

“My roots are in Eindhoven,” says Roel. “I was born and raised here. I would never leave this area. And my heart is in DLL. But of course you can’t stand still. Moving to Sales was the right career move for me.”

Likable: a sales superpower

As Help Desk Officer, Roel worked in IT. But he never considered himself technical. Of course, he needed a basic understanding of technology. But what he really loved was the contact with people. He liked helping people and building relationships.

“I liked the Service Desk, but each year my manager would ask me how I wanted to develop. So I talked to people in several departments, including HR and Marketing.” Roel’s new manager in Sales recognized his people skills. Roel is empathetic, caring and easygoing. You can sum it up with one word: likable, a sales superpower! People buy from people they like!

When you ask Roel what he likes about working at DLL, you get a short, straightforward answer; "everything!"

Roel Buelens

Sales Support Officer


Secondary Vocational Education

Years with DLL

Previous positions/employers

  • IT Service Help Desk, DLL
  • Service Desk Employee, diverse employers

Helping to make and build our world

In April 2021, Roel started as Sales Support Officer for DLL in the Dutch market. He’s in constant contact with the dealers who use DLL leasing to sell products to their end customers, and with end customers themselves. He sets up contracts and makes price offers, all via the phone and email.

Roel specializes in the market that DLL calls “hard assets”. This is leasing for products such as tractors and forklifts primarily for manufacturing and construction. “We are helping our customers to make and build our world,” says Roel.

Leasing with a regional accent

A good percentage of Roel’s customers are from the Eindhoven region, which has its own strong local dialect of the Dutch language. Of course, Roel speaks standard Dutch. But he also speaks the local version.

“Many people from the region feel more comfortable speaking dialect,” says Roel. “When I notice that, I switch. It might sound a bit strange discussing official leasing terms in a provincial dialect. But the customer likes it. It’s part of the customer service. Speak the customer’s language.”

Global mobility in downtown Eindhoven

Roel loves Eindhoven and all its local flavors. He also loves the international character of DLL headquarters in Eindhoven.

Working at the help desk, he spoke English 70% of the time. “We have so many nationalities here,” says Roel. “We celebrate their cultures and holidays with special events such as themed lunches in the restaurant. It’s fun to be part of. People from all around the world come here to Eindhoven to build their careers and their lives.”

Just like Roel!