Meet your sustainability goals with the help of fleet financing from DLL

Dec 14, 2022


More and more businesses have environmental objectives to meet, especially as emissions regulations tighten globally. With many firms looking to invest in electric or hydrogen powered assets to reduce tailpipe emissions, DLL is ready with the flexible asset finance you need to meet your sustainability KPIs (key performance indicators).

Whether you’re financing forklifts, delivery vehicles, or construction equipment, DLL can tailor a solution that enables you to invest in a sustainable approach that will limit costs while improving efficiency and sustainability. Whatever your environmental KPIs, you can have total confidence in DLL to help you achieve them.

Optimizing power sources
The increase in sustainability KPIs among businesses has accelerated investments in electric-powered assets in order to achieve these targets in the coming years.

In the materials handling industry, the transition to electric vehicles is already well underway. DLL has supported organizations in replacing diesel or LPG powered fleets with electric lift trucks and equipment to reduce their tailpipe emissions. Switching to electric motive power is also starting to become an option for certain construction and earthmoving equipment types, as environmental issues move higher on the agenda in this industry.

In addition, there is an increasing range of ‘green’ power solutions emerging for materials handling and construction equipment, such as fast-charging lithium-ion batteries, and trucks powered by hydrogen fuel cells are commercially available. As a keen observer of the market trends around sustainability across industries, DLL is ready with finance solutions to support companies in reducing emissions by investing in electric and hydrogen powered equipment, alongside other new technologies.

Going green on the road
The transportation industry is another area where there is increasing demand for electric and hydrogen power sources as part of the wider EV (electric vehicle) trend. The vehicle electrification market is predicted to grow to more than $129 billion by 2025.

Some businesses have also realized that the benefits of financing their investments in sustainable transport and fleet solutions go beyond their green agenda. Recent cost-benefit analyses estimate savings of between 10% and 30% across the lifetime of an electric HGV.

However, investing in a fleet of reduced emission vehicles comes at a cost. This is where leasing solutions with DLL can also help transform sustainable vehicle investments from a CAPEX to an OPEX solution.

One example in the transportation sector is online supermarket Picnic, which turned to DLL in 2019 when it needed to finance a large fleet of electric delivery vehicles. With a tailored solution from DLL, Picnic was able to free up the capital that would otherwise be tied up in its fleet to be utilized in other areas of the business while maintaining its sustainable solution for delivering groceries.

Financing sustainable used equipment
Extended delivery times for new equipment and machinery due to the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic and supply chain challenges have already created a booming market for used equipment.

While some benefits of purchasing used equipment are obvious, like lower costs, slower depreciation, and lower insurance costs, environmental sustainability is not always at the top of that list. However, purchasing used construction equipment helps keep equipment in service longer, in turn reducing the consumption of steel and iron, industrial waste, and factory carbon emissions required to make new equipment.

DLL continues to allow current customers to extend contracts on existing equipment while also providing tailored financing solutions to businesses looking to purchase used equipment, helping to reduce environmental impact and achieve sustainability targets.

Expert insight for environmental objectives
With our Fleet Consultancy service, our team of industry professionals can also provide deep insights on how to optimize your fleet and reduce your Total Cost of Operation (TCO) whilst meeting your sustainability KPIs.

Our team is not only experienced in direct asset finance solutions, but also in the industries we work across globally. We combine available operational and financial data to support analyzing your current fleet challenges and future needs. Based on that, we advise you how to achieve optimum efficiency within your environmental objectives.

Finance Sustainable Change with DLL
DLL is already talking to businesses about their strategies for achieving sustainability targets in the future. Get in touch with our direct Fleet Finance experts now to see how DLL can help you invest in a greener future?