Financing the intralogistics cobot revolution

Sep 5, 2022


With automation at the forefront of the fast-changing world of intralogistics, is it any wonder that businesses are looking to flexible automation to maximize productivity? One of the fastest growing trends is the adoption by businesses of collaborative robots that work alongside their human counterparts, also known as cobots.

The global industrial automation market is believed to be worth approximately $200 billion and, with automation budgets increasing yearly, large enterprises are regularly upgrading their facilities with some form of intralogistics robotics.

Increasingly, these upgrades are coming in the form of cobots.

Benefits of cobots in intralogistics operations
Whether in manufacturing, fulfilment, or warehouse activities, cobots can offer several benefits.

Collaborative mobile robots are safe, flexible, and easily programmable; ideal for dynamic warehousing operations. They can also be integrated relatively simply into existing infrastructure within a few weeks without the need for expensive and permanent infrastructure upgrades.

Another benefit is the flexibility of cobots, increasing efficiencies of existing workers and new hires while helping to close labor gaps during periods of peak demand. This can be easily done by supplementing an existing base of cobots with rental units, thereby reducing the overall cost.

Perhaps the most important benefits are increased accuracy, reduced human error, enhanced safety, and improved productivity, with researchers finding that robot-human teams were about 85 per cent more productive than either alone.

Why use DLL to finance your cobot?
With shifting market trends and changing economic landscapes, companies are demanding increasingly flexible, customized, and usage-based solutions.

DLL makes automated warehousing equipment and advanced technologies attainable by partnering closely with you to understand the unique needs of your business. Our Intralogistics experts will customize financing solutions that help improve your business continuity and lower your total cost of operation.

Whether you’re looking to finance all or part of your automation project, we have developed finance programs, including with different robotic equipment manufacturers, to provide the best solutions for your cobot financing needs.

DLL has experience in funding all stages of automation adoption. Businesses can talk to us right from the point of sourcing quotes for collaborative robots, then rely on our solutions to finance every element through the life of the equipment, including installation and training. This makes it easy for end-users to find the best solution for their needs and access affordable automation.

Talk to the DLL Intralogistics team about flexible finance solutions to help your business adopt cobots and automation systems to achieve growth.