Safety First: Reopening the Workplace

Aug 17, 2021


In 2020, businesses quickly pivoted to support remote working, and many had predicted a 100% work-from-home future beyond the pandemic. However, organizations began to realize that there are significant benefits in adopting a hybrid approach with an in-office option.

The pandemic has taught us that a one-size-fits all approach won’t work in either direction: fully remote or fully in-person. In developing reopening plans, businesses have had to prioritize safety above everything else. With that in mind, there is a need for additional pieces of equipment and resources to ensure that employees feel safe and health risks are mitigated.

Willis Towers Watson’s Reopening the Workplace survey highlights the safety trends in today’s environment. There is an increased focus on developing reopening policies, safety protocols, listening strategies to understand employees’ needs, investments into PPE, biometric screening, and structures for workplace exposure. The results showed that 54% of organizations plan to purchase and use thermal scans at the entrance of their offices, and 18% plan to do remote or on-site PCR tests to control exposure 

Investment in the right equipment – like space reservation devices, autonomous sanitization machines, temperature check devices, and other touchless technologies – is increasingly becoming a must-have to ensure a frictionless and safe workplace environment. Reconfiguring the office space to encourage collaboration and high productivity while putting more emphasis on heightened safety measures as a top priority requires more capital investment. The role technology plays in the office is shifting, and organizations may need fewer multi-functional printers per floor and less monitors with some employees working remotely; but they may need touchless entry sensors, smart boards and sanitization machines. Read more about these trends in our latest whitepaper: Workplace 2021: Reimagined, Redefined & Repositioned.

Payment solutions can enable businesses to acquire the equipment they need to safely bring their employees back to a healthy workplace. Leasing the right equipment, instead of purchasing it outright, can help businesses meet evolving needs of employees and guests while growing their business and paying less over time than they would on an initial cash purchase.

If you are currently offering safety equipment and technology options for a safer workplace, or you are considering expanding your product offering to include those assets, contact us today to schedule time to discuss how offering flexible payment solutions can simplify the sale.