Structured investment solutions for intralogistics and automation

Jul 21, 2022


Intralogistics expert, Tim Newton, explains how DLL partners closely with its customers to understand the unique needs of their business, and provide customised financing solutions that help improve supply chain continuity and lower the total cost of asset ownership.

“With new intralogistics installations often suffering from long lead times, it can prove difficult for businesses to finance projects through traditional structures,” says Tim Newton, Senior Account Manager, Intralogistics at DLL. “With shifting market trends and changing economic landscapes, companies are demanding increasingly flexible, customised and usage-based finance solutions.”

Tim, who is based in the UK, recently took on a new role within DLL and is now part of the growing team of intralogistics experts at DLL located across the world. His focus is on supporting customers in the UK and Ireland as demand for automation increases.

“Some intralogistics and automation projects may take 18 months to two years to complete, meaning the drawdown of funds may take place slowly over many years,” explains Tim. In addition, the customers’ internal approval process for those projects can take time, as the funding of the installation often involves many stakeholders within the organisation.


Tim Newton
We understand our customers have individual requirements from how the operations and technology works, and how these projects run, from the drawing board, to becoming fully operational."

Unlike a traditional bank that may offer limited flexibility, DLL offers its customers specific finance solutions to aid their installations, allowing for staged, progress payments over prolonged periods.

“We understand our customers have individual requirements from how the operations and technology works, and how these projects run, from the drawing board, to becoming fully operational,” says Tim. “This understanding and experience is crucial in helping our customers to save money, optimise cashflow and enables them to access faster funding to finance their growth when they need it most.”

Another benefit to DLL’s financing model is the ability to consolidate finance. Rather than financing various parts of a project via different means, DLL can act as a single partner for all automation financing requirements. This not only includes the automated handling equipment, such as AGVs or AMRs, but also the installation costs, software, training, and other elements required.

“With intralogistics equipment and automation suppliers based all over the world, our team’s strong global relationships and DLL’s established processes bring many advantages to customers,” explains Tim. “This means we can offer the very best finance solutions for our customers and consolidate lines of credit into a single, cohesive financing option even when sourcing from multiple countries and in various currencies.”

As a provider of funds for intralogistics and automation projects, DLL understands the complex structure of these operations and is agile enough to provide the right support at the right time.

“We have significant global experience of helping a wide variety of businesses fulfil their production and handling of operational goals,” he says. “From soft-touch equipment used in fruit handling to AGVs picking boxes to narrow-aisle, high-lift equipment for barrels, we provide structured finance solutions for all types of intralogistics and automation projects.”

Tim and his colleagues will be attending IMHX, the logistics solutions show taking place at the NEC in Birmingham, UK, September 6-8. Get in touch now to book a meeting at the event.

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