Materials Handling

    Adding value to your business

    We partner with manufacturers, distributors and dealers, to deliver total finance solutions that benefit their business, and their customers.

    Enabling you, our partners, to deliver the right tools into the right hands, with solutions that meet the unique needs of your customer every time, means growth for your business in ways that are sustainable and profitable.

    At DLL, we can offer an extensive portfolio of finance solutions tailored to your customers current and future requirements.

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    Understanding the heart and soul of your business

    Our Materials Handling finance team are experts in the industry, with an in-depth understanding of asset life and utilisation, that helps us provide customised, flexible financial solutions.

    Our solutions

    At DLL, we can offer an extensive portfolio of finance solutions tailored to your customers current and future requirements

    Commercial Finance

    A payment solution that enables our partners to increase product flow through the channel, increase stock levels or fill the equipment showroom without tying up balance sheets or credit lines.

    Master Lease Agreements

    We offer master lease agreements covering multiple countries, that can include multiple brands and asset types with centralized controls. Easily add new equipment to your fleet whenever you need it.

    Contract Hire

    Contract Hire gives your customers all the benefits of using the equipment without
    the risks and responsibilities of ownership. Payments are often based on a residual value and will include the finance and maintenance costs – ensuring easier administration, budgetary control and total piece of mind for your customers.


    Our digital solutions streamline your sales process, allowing you to close sale opportunities anywhere, anytime.

    Asset Management

    Our industry knowledge and experience enables us calculate the residual value left in equipment and technology once the payment term is over, lowering monthly payments and increasing accessibility for
    your customer, leaving DLL with the burden of ownership.


    A flexible payment solution, enabling the end user to access the equipment they need, without the burden of ownership, but with the option-to-purchase at the end of the term.

    Close more business faster and smarter

    Enable your customer to sign contracts electronically using our E-Signature tool.

    Benefits of partnering with DLL

    Benefits to manufacturers and dealers

    • Accelerate your sales process
    • Reduce negotiation and discounting
    • Meet the unique needs of your customer at the point of sale
    • Increase customer retention
    • Close sales faster with our digital solutions

    Benefits to end users

    • Custom solutions and payment flexibility to suit their needs
    • Meet specialised product and budgeting needs
    • Little impact to credit lines
    • Simplified upgrade options

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