Life Cycle Asset Management

When products find their way back to you

Based on the principles of the circular economy, DLL supports you in controlling products and parts for refurbishment after the first lease period. And even end of life collection, disposal and recycling can be arranged.

Unlocking new potential with the circular economy

DLL executed a study with entrepreneurs and business partners on the questions they have when faced when exploring circular economy and usage based business models.

LCAM: Let’s work together.

See how DLL supports its partners towards the full management of their lifecycle.

Life Cycle Asset Management FAQ

What is LCAM?
Life Cycle Asset Management is DLL's vision on a usage based business model, where end users only use the service provided by assets rather than buying or owning it. Where manufacturers manage the full technical life cycle of the asset from production till disposal.

How does it work?
Together with partners, we optimize circular business practices along the technical life cycle of assets. This is accomplished by an in depth understanding on how innovation, politics and usage affect the economic lifecycle of a assets. Furthermore, we actively search with you for refurbishment, remanufacturing, re-engineering, and recycling opportunities.

What are the benefits?
Recycling of raw materials and original product parts stimulates a cost effective production process. The program also helps to meet sustainability goals and improve relationships within stakeholders in the value chain.

Who benefits from this solution?
Life Cycle Asset Management adds value to manufacturers, dealers, resellers, authorized third party refurbishment companies, service companies, and rental companies with a sustainable and usage-oriented mindset.

LCAM solutions

DLL provides tailored financial solutions that fit the circular economy, like operational lease, extended usage, redeployment, and second life finance. We share our knowledge in a number of key subjects, from encounters in the transition to a circular business model.

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