Product information

We offer products that are both regulated and non-regulated by the Consumer Credit Act. The agreement is Regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (as amended) if:

  • It is a business hire agreement where the total rentals payable (plus VAT) is £25,000 or less during the initial term; or
  • It is a business credit agreement where the net amount borrowed is £25,000 or less; and
  • You are a sole trader, partnership of 3 partners or less or an unincorporated body such as a club or society


What is Consumer Duty
The Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) Consumer Duty (“Duty”) regulation sets a higher and clearer standard for consumer protection across all financial services firms, requiring them to put their customers’ needs first and thereby secure good outcomes for them all. You can read more about the Duty here


Who does the Duty apply to?
The Duty applies to transactions with regulated consumers.


Does De Lage Landen Leasing Ltd (“DLL” or our) provide products for regulated customers?
Yes; DLL supports regulated customers via its product offering and delivers these products to market through its approved distributors and direct to end user customers.


Our products at a glance
The table below provides some information that will help you understand our regulated finance products. This summary does not display all information about an agreement you may enter with us. We encourage you to read the product information sheets for the product(s) that might be relevant to your needs, and all information we provide in subsequent contract documentation carefully, so you can decide whether a product is right for your needs and circumstances.

Please Contact us if you need information on this website in an alternative format.




Product information sheets (regulated)


Regulated Product Comparison Matrix



Regulated Fixed Term Operating Lease



Regulated Fixed Term Full Payout Finance Lease



Regulated Loan



Regulated Hire Purchase


Product information sheets (unregulated)


Finance Leasing: Unregulated



Hire Purchase: Unregulated



Loan: Unregulated



Operating Leasing/Contract Hire: Unregulated



If you require further information or have any questions we encourage you to contact us.

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