Fleet solutions

We focus on your fleet, business and priorities

    Fleet-centric leasing: part of our DNA

    Our experience supporting large fleet users means we know how important it is to help you drive down your Total Cost of Operation (TCO). At DLL, we understand your needs and can help you manage your fleet so you can focus on other areas of your business.

    Fleet solutions facts

    • Freight movement
      In 2015, our portfolio of forklifts moved over 200 million tons of goods.
    • Industry expertise
      We have a total of 300 years of experience with the leading manufacturers in the Construction, Transportation and Industrial sectors.
    • Circular economy
      In 2016, DLL received the Young Global Leaders’ Circular Economy Investor Award at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting.

    The IFRS 16 standard - a new reality in lease accounting

    The new lease accounting standard, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), will fundamentally change how companies account for leases.

    Our solutions

    Master lease agreements

    We offer master lease agreements covering multiple countries, that can include multiple brands and asset types with centralized controls. Easily add new equipment to your fleet whenever you need it.

    Asset remarketing assistance

    DLL has a vibrant remarketing program that cycles used equipment back to dealers and wholesalers for a second life. This translates to low off-lease inventory carrying costs and lease rates that are among the most competitive in the world.

    Managed equipment services

    We offer customized solutions that allow for bundled financing (equipment, maintenance, service, insurance, etc.) and can include usage-based components.

    Fair Market Value Leasing

    Learn more about the shift towards flexible, usage-based solutions.


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