Gareth loves to see
people shine and
unleash their talents

When Gareth Jones and his wife moved from London to the US, he replied to a job advert from a financial services company he had never heard of. “I was blown away from the first interview,” says Gareth. “Every person I talked to convinced me that DLL is a wonderful place to work. Now, just three years later, I’m globally responsible for that talent acquisition process. How cool is that?”

Getting the core values to shine through globally

Gareth grew up in the UK. In the early 2000s, he moved to Australia and worked for several prominent companies, including The Manpower Group and Macquarie Bank. That not only honed his recruitment knowledge. It gave him broad experience in the banking and financial services sector.

Gareth joined DLL in 2020 in the US. Now back in the UK, he leads the Global Talent Acquisition team. “Our mission is to help create a consistent and welcoming experience for everyone applying for a job at DLL. Whether you are in Stockholm, Sao Paulo or Sydney, we want you to feel the values and great qualities of DLL at every step of the hiring process.”

“I’ve never worked in a place like this”

Essentially, Gareth’s job today is to convince talented people around the world why they should consider working at DLL. So what’s his elevator pitch?

“Sharing my own story is one of the most convincing things I can say,” says Gareth. “I’ve never worked in a place like this. I’ve had the opportunity to work on two continents for DLL, supporting over 20 countries, and everyone, including our leadership, is so welcoming and prepared to help. Nothing is too much trouble. It is an amazing sense of collaboration, with everyone working toward a common goal. At DLL, if you work hard and put up your hand, doors will open.”

Gareth Jones

Global Head of Talent Acquisition, DLL

Dual national UK and Australia

The Perse School for Boys

Years with DLL

Previous positions/employers

  • Global Resourcing Project Manager, Resource Solutions
  • Associate Director Resource Management, Macquarie Group
  • Recruitment Manager, Ellington Savage Group
It is an amazing sense of collaboration, with everyone working toward a common goal. At DLL, if you work hard and put up your hand, doors will open. "

Global opportunities with a focus on wellbeing

DLL employs more than 5700 people who serve customers in over 25 countries. “Our international mobility and career opportunities appeal to many candidates,” says Gareth. “And we encourage people to grow across the DLL disciplines, businesses and regions. People find this very attractive.”

Equally attractive is the DLL rewards package with a competitive salary, secondary benefits and a strong focus on wellbeing. “This can range from flexible time off to financial advice to coaching,” says Gareth. “Our hybrid working policy is also very popular with our members. It lets you design the work-life balance that works best for you. Our hybrid working environment gives me the autonomy I need to manage my priorities effectively.”

An open, diverse learning culture

Gareth is particularly impressed with DLL actions to support diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) “Traditionally, financial services is a conservative industry,” says Gareth. “But DLL takes DE&I seriously. We have a Chief Human Resources Officer who represents DE&I at the Board level. We have strong diversity elements in our people strategy and hard metrics to make sure we deliver.”

Here again, Gareth’s story is proof of concept. One aspect of a more diverse culture is to base hiring decisions less on academic credentials and more on proven skills, abilities, values, and mindset.

Gareth strongly believes in on-going learning and continuous development, building on existing skills and experience to achieve career ambitions “DLL provides the platform that allows me to constantly update my skills. That’s crucial for success. I got this job based on the competencies I bring to the table. I'm proud to be living proof that you don't always need a specific degree from a particular institution to be good at the job you love. I believe DLL also sensed my passion. I truly love to see people shine and unleash their talents.”