How a Commercial Finance Partner Can Help Businesses Adapt to the “New Normal” Workplace

Aug 20, 2021


The office is not a thing of the past. Research has shown that many employees still want access to an office and striking the right balance between home and work is critical in developing and retaining high performing employees.

In DLL’s recent whitepaperWorkplace 2021: Reimagined, Redefined and Repositionedit addresses what post-COVID offices will look like and how customers’ needs will change as the physical workplace transformsAn effective return to the office boils down to three things – the need for workplace flexibilityensuring employees feel confident that they are returning to a safe and healthy environment, and the incorporation of critical new forms of technology needed to support safety measures and streamline productivity.


There’s no one-size-fits-all model for the post-pandemic workplaceThe Harvard Business Review outlines several possible models, each requiring new equipment and technology needs to support the framework. Of those returning to the office in some capacity, some businesses will be returning to work as it was,” where employees will return to the office in a similar manner to what was in place before the pandemic beganMany businesses will adopt a clubhouse” hybrid model where employees go to the office as needed to collaborate, while many others will move to activity-based working” where employees sometimes work from the office but alternate workspaces rather than hold an assigned deskAnd some will widen their physical footprint altogether and adopt a “hub and spoke” model, in which employees report to smaller satellite offices rather than large offices in central business districts.


For all of these return-to-work models, businesses will be tasked with adopting whole new office equipment and technology solutions that support health and safety needs. By working with a commercial finance partner, manufacturers and dealers can optimize inventory and stand ready to quickly support their customers in outfitting the new office through dedicated credit lines.


While supply chain disruptions are causing some challenges with inventoryhaving the right line of credit in place to be ready once goods are available may support a smoother transition back to the office. From autonomous sanitization machines to temperature check devices to smart furniture, customers will expect new and expanded assets to outfit their revamped spacesBoth manufacturers and dealers may benefit from working with a commercial finance partner like DLL to help meet these customer demands.


For manufacturers, commercial finance solutions may reduce days sales outstanding, enabling predictable payments. They may also increase dealer purchasing power, which in turn can drive incremental revenue.


Once inventory of these assets is readily availabledealers can quickly acquire them from manufacturers via a line of credit. Because their purchasing power is increased, a line of credit allows dealers to support larger orders. It may also improve cash flow management and bridge the gap between when payment is due to their vendors and when they receive payment from their customers.


By exploring commercial finance options to support the new workplace models, businesses may be better prepared when inventory becomes available, allowing them to reopen safely and smoothlyLearn more about DLL’s Commercial Finance offerings.