How to Easily Finance Different Equipment Types Across Multiple Site Operations

Apr 8, 2022


If you have a large fleet of different types of equipment, over multiple sites, perhaps even across different countries, you’ll know that managing all the individual leases can be time-consuming. With years of experience supporting businesses with large fleets, DLL has developed solutions to make this simpler.

One finance partner for all your assets
Multinational organizations may have fleets of thousands of assets, taking many different forms. Take these customer scenarios for example.

Customer 1- this manufacturing company has different operations across their site. They need to finance equipment on the production line as well as: assets like lift trucks in their warehouse, servers and laptops for the back office, and solar panels to produce green energy on its buildings. They also have a fleet of transportation equipment, such as trailers, for onward shipping of their goods.

Customer 2- this company has warehousing and logistics operations in multiple countries all around the world. On each site, they are using different types of materials handling equipment, from many different brands.

Customer 3- this waste management business is keen to roll out a major project introducing automation in their sortation and storage facility to boost productivity. They are also financing fleets of waste collection vehicles and are considering switching these to electric power soon.

In each of these scenarios, the businesses are dealing with different suppliers for each brand or asset type, and this may vary from country to country. Managing so many different lease contracts and payments can be challenging, time-intensive and inefficient.

Global multi-brand finance solutions
DLL overcomes these challenges. It partners with businesses in many different industries to provide master lease agreements that can include many different asset types or brands, across multiple countries and regions. This enables customers to deal with just one finance partner, making the process easier and more economical.

Working with one asset finance partner also makes it simpler to add new equipment to the fleet at any time. Plus, coordinating the return and replacement of equipment at the end of its lease term is easier.

Customized asset finance solutions
Every business has unique requirements. DLL partners closely with customers to customize financing solutions that meet specific challenges.

For instance, our team provides solutions that take into account that different lease durations, for different operating hours, may be needed at different sites. Usage-based solutions, where payments are matched with equipment usage, may also be an option.

Flexible asset finance solutions from DLL are tailored to help improve business performance and lower the total cost of operation. This includes options for investing in automation equipment for production and warehouse operations, and vehicles with new power solutions, such as hydrogen or EV.

Added fleet management services
Fleet management solutions are also available from DLL to help businesses view the insights they need about their fleet. By bringing all assets together under one experienced partner in DLL, detailed fleet data can be viewed in one place. This can help reduce costs, increase efficiency, and maximize equipment lifecycles.

Learn more about our proven solutions for flexible financing across different asset types, brands, and regions.