Managing Large MHE Fleets Across Locations with DLL

Feb 9, 2022


For many years, the DLL Fleet Solutions team has worked with some of the world’s largest packaging companies, some of whom have operations that encompass the complete cycle, from raw materials to finished paper and packaging products. One of the challenges these businesses can face is that it is sometimes necessary to manage a huge materials handling equipment (MHE) fleet between multiple sites.

For instance, it is common for a multinational paper and packaging company to have thousands of pieces of MHE in its fleet. These can range from large log stackers with claws, used to pick up and stack logs, down to ride-on pallet jacks, as well as forklifts and clamp trucks of varying lift capacities and brands (which make up the majority of the fleet).

With such a large fleet, it can be hard for companies to get the necessary visibility of equipment across hundreds of locations or to monitor equipment usage. In addition, it can be a challenge to match the lease terms with useful life, schedule timely replacement, and streamline the put-on and take-off processes of new and old equipment leases.

Solutions provided by DLL.

DLL can support businesses facing these challenges by financing fleets of up to thousands of vehicles. Different lease durations, such as three-, four-, and five-year leases, from 500 to 5,000 hours, are also available to help match different needs at different sites.

The right solution is always tailored to the customer’s need. However, here are some examples of the ways that the DLL Fleet solutions can help businesses with large fleets.

Accurate fleet reporting.

A key solution from DLL is an online fleet reporting tool that enables meter readings to be uploaded annually, showing what equipment is being under- or over-utilized. This helps businesses to focus solely on the items that need to be replaced and returned (rather than having to scan through the whole fleet of potentially thousands of trucks). These virtually expense-free meter readings can give central and remote managers visibility into this crucial metric for cost containment.

“DLL’s asset management expertise helps ensure optimal efficiency in lifecycle asset management,” explains Dave Bugas, Account Manager, DLL. “Our fleet reporting tool gives our customers online access to information about the entire fleet, with assets leased from DLL automatically uploaded and updated monthly.”

Easy equipment replacements and returns
One of the biggest challenges with a large fleet can be returning equipment. With some lessors, payments don’t stop until the equipment has been returned and checked at the location. There are also high return fees which make budgeting very difficult.

Helping to solve these issues, all DLL lease payments stop at the end of the contract and DLL’s asset recovery group arranges equipment collection.

Financing autonomous vehicles.
DLL is also leading the way in supporting customers looking to finance some autonomous warehouse vehicles. In certain paper and packaging operations, the new automated vehicles will help to heighten safety, and free up employees to carry out more value-added jobs within the company, also enhancing productivity.

Financing for paper and packaging operations

“DLL Fleet Solutions group is proud of its long, successful relationships within the paper and packaging industry, where we continually work together to develop, maintain and improve custom solutions to the challenge of fleet cost containment for those that operate large fleets,” says Dave Bugas from DLL.

Learn more about DLL’s Fleet Solutions offering for companies with large fleets here.