Emina cares for
people and
performance at DLL

When Emina Machovsky was six years old, her parents fled her birthplace in Bosnia because of the war. She spent the next six years in Germany before immigrating to the United States. “Maybe that early childhood experience shaped me into the mediator and harmony builder I am today,” says Emina. “From an early age, my friends came to me for advice. Now caring for people and performance is my core responsibility at DLL. It’s the perfect job.”

Passionate about people and learning

“My hope and dream is that you find a life in which you get to express the unique spirit that is you, in the most intelligent, most contributive, most meaningful way possible." This quotation by motivational speaker Marcus Buckingham is one of Emina’s favorites. That’s why she publishes it at the top of her LinkedIn page.

“I am passionate about people and learning,” says Emina. “I get joy from using my strengths to help others and encourage them on their journey.” In her role as Employee Relations Consultant, Emina is part of the DLL Human Resources team. Her focus is to support managers and members to achieve successful outcomes within the boundaries of company policy and DLL’s values.

The perfect job with excellent onboarding

In early 2022, a DLL Talent Acquisition professional reached out to Emina about the job opening. “I did my research,” says Emina. “I discovered DLL is a global company with headquarters in the Netherlands. With my European background, that sparked my interest.” And when she saw the job description, she said “Yes! That’s my calling!”

“The talks with the Talent Acquisition member and my future manager sealed the deal,” says Emina. “They were so open and genuine.” The whole onboarding process has also been handled with great care and professionalism. “Since the start, my manager and colleagues have gone out of their way to make me feel at home and help me do my job. It’s a big professional organization but it feels like a small caring company.”

Emina Machovsky

Employee Relations Consultant, DLL

United States, naturalized citizen
Born in Bosnia

Trinity International University, USA

Years with DLL

Previous positions/employers

  • Affiliates Management Company, USA
  • Wells Fargo, USA
The whole onboarding process has also been handled with great care and professionalism "

A proactive approach

DLL in the Americas employs 1500 members, and Emina is one of two Employee Relations Consultants in the organization. To support optimal employee relations, Emina has structural quarterly meetings with leaders of the HR department’s business partners, including the Compliance, Risk and Legal departments.

She keeps them abreast of personnel-related developments in the company and gets their insights on topics in their areas. “The open and accessible DLL culture facilitates this,” says Emina. “The doors are always open here with direct access to our leaders.”

Life is like an airplane. There will always be turbulence

“But of course, life is like an airplane,” says Emina. “There will always be a bit of turbulence.” So in addition to proactively managing employee relations, managing differences of opinion or employee-job mismatches when they arise is also part of her daily life.

Flying an airplane takes a special set of skills. The same applies to mediation. “Empathy is a big part of it,” says Emina. “People have to sense you really want to understand their situations. You have to be a good listener. If someone comes into your office with an issue, it takes kindness and caring to help. But it can also take courage. Sometimes you have to help someone make a tough decision.”

It’s a big professional organization but it feels like a small caring company"

Together we make things better

Emina is happy with DLL and envisons a future to help unleash her full potential. She sees how kindness, compassion and the courage to make tough decisions make a difference in people's lives and the performance of the company. “I definitely want to take these skills to a leadership position, where I can have even more impact,” says Emina. “It’s like one of the company values: ‘Together we make things better.’”